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    Ugh. So there’s this. I actually saw this guy last weekend flying down the pedestrian walkway along the West Side Highway while I was playing basketball. It was remarkably bizarre at the time, and watching this video now, it still is.

    It’s fun to think about the guy who’s sitting in the back of a car filming this while this guy manically kicks and pokes his way through traffic. 

    However, if this guy weren’t decked out in in bright white and pinkish-red tights, and had a massive flag on the back of his board (which he had when I saw him too), and was dressed normally, would this be as god awful looking? I mean, I think it would, but that’s just me. 

    Overall though, I think the title of the video is the funniest part—”SpikeBoarding World Premier  - The Sport of Balanced Strength.”

    Please note that SpikeBoarding is trademarked, so don’t get any ideas. 

  2. Mar 15th, 2012    
  1. madeygaga said: I blame you for making me know that this exists.
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